Have a Different and Unique Gaming Experience with this Theme Hospital Download

theme-hospital_1If you’re sick and tired of first-person shooters or first-person horror games with jump scares and whatnot, then it’s about time you’ve tried out something different. Released by Electronic Arts, Theme Hospital for the PC by developer Bullfrog replaces silliness, fright, and violence with an oft-neglected and underdeveloped genre of gaming, which is the hospital simulator genre. This Theme Hospital download is available for Windows XP, NT, 2000, 7, and 8. With that said, it’s not a completely a brand new concept; it’s a real-time management and strategy game cut from the same cloth as Sim City or another Bullfrog classic, Theme Park. The game places the player in charge of a hospital. [Read more…]

The Beauty of Having a SimCity 2000 Special Edition Download of Your Own

simc2cdcThis classic game is still available for PC and, unsurprisingly, with its special edition updates, is still a joy to play. So what kind of city will you create? The amount of fun people had back in SimCity 2000 can still be experienced in this latest edition of the Sim City franchise, which is still going strong separately from its commercial and casual gamer equivalent, The Sims. For only $6.90, you can get the SimCity 2000 special edition download. BUT YOU CAN DOWNLOAD IT FOR FREE AT THE LINK AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE! [Read more…]

Why Many People Would Want to Download Dungeon Keeper for PC?

dungeon_keeper-frontThe Increasing Popularity of Games Downloaded Online

People will just normally crave for things that can give them pleasure. They need this in order to renew their energy and relieve the pressure and stress they get from work. With the fact that you will no longer have time to go out and unwind with your friends, of the best thing you can do to loosen up is playing a game downloaded online. There are numerous numbers of games that you can play anytime and anywhere. They are presented in different genres so you will have plenty of options to choose from. Yet you have to go for a game that you really like the most and will suit your taste. [Read more…]

Get Your Ticket to the Death World with Grim Fandango Download

Grim_Fandango_artworkOne of the most awarded games
What makes the game very interesting and remarkable is the storyline that it possesses. The Grim Fandango game has a remarkable storyline that makes the game very interesting for the players. The game is an adventure game and it requires the players to control the character and allow him to have conversations, collect items and solve mysteries.

The game was developed by LucasArts in the year 1998, which was intended for PC games. The game allows you to take control of the character named Manny Calavera, an underworld agent who is assigned to look for souls who got stranded on the land of the dead and lead them towards a long trip to the ninth underworld. The ninth underworld is a point of destination for souls who have done well when they are alive. [Read more…]

Get your Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition Download and Blast All Alien Invaders

Duke3D_BoxArt.aiBlast out those alien invaders!

It’s time to get radical and protect the earth from alien invaders with your all time hero Duke Nukem. When you get your Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition download, you will control duke and go into different levels and exterminate all aliens on that field. You will have the chance to get different types of weapons and use it in the game.

The game Duke Nukem 3D atomic Edition is a first person shooting game. In fact, this game had popularized the first person shooting type of game which makes other developers create different types of first person games but we won’t talk about them. If you are more like a commando and Rambo fan, this game is for you. You will have the chance to use weapons and fire them on all aliens that you come across your way. [Read more…]