Have a Different and Unique Gaming Experience with this Theme Hospital Download

theme-hospital_1If you’re sick and tired of first-person shooters or first-person horror games with jump scares and whatnot, then it’s about time you’ve tried out something different. Released by Electronic Arts, Theme Hospital for the PC by developer Bullfrog replaces silliness, fright, and violence with an oft-neglected and underdeveloped genre of gaming, which is the hospital simulator genre. This Theme Hospital download is available for Windows XP, NT, 2000, 7, and 8. With that said, it’s not a completely a brand new concept; it’s a real-time management and strategy game cut from the same cloth as Sim City or another Bullfrog classic, Theme Park. The game places the player in charge of a hospital. [Read more…]

The Beauty of Having a SimCity 2000 Special Edition Download of Your Own

simc2cdcThis classic game is still available for PC and, unsurprisingly, with its special edition updates, is still a joy to play. So what kind of city will you create? The amount of fun people had back in SimCity 2000 can still be experienced in this latest edition of the Sim City franchise, which is still going strong separately from its commercial and casual gamer equivalent, The Sims. For only $6.90, you can get the SimCity 2000 special edition download. BUT YOU CAN DOWNLOAD IT FOR FREE AT THE LINK AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE! [Read more…]

Download Zoo Tycoon 2 Ultimate Collection For Free Now & Create Your Animal Kingdom!

Zoo_Tycoon_2_CoverartZoo Tycoon 2 is another fun and exciting game developed by Blue Fang Games together with MacSoft and Rapan. The game is available both for Window users and Mac OS. It was released back in 2004 which was distribute from CD-ROM and DVD. The gameplay is a single player mode whereas you have to establish and operate your very own zoo. The idea is to become the largest business magnate in the zoo industry. The game is also currently available from Windows Mobile and PDA. All you need is to download its full version together with its expansion set. [Read more…]