Start with a Stronghold Crusader Download and Enjoy Defying Foes in this Smart Strategy Game


Stronghold Crusader is developed by Firefly Studios and is basically a PC game. Stronghold Crusader download is available online and you will need a Window 7 OS to make it work. It will take a bite of 79.0 MB out of your memory so it is not that a problem when are worrying about drive space. The game also features a trial version playable with added features that lets you defeat foes and links to make your experience better. The rule of the game is simple and you might need to think of a few games you have played before where you needed simple strategy to win.

The Plot

The graphic is simple and you may wonder why it is. The reason is that the game play is quite similar to Age of Empires and Civilization game series where you have to defend your army of men from your foes. The setting is places in the Middle East during the time of the popularly known First, Second and the Third Crusade where imminent war against the Muslim was present. On top of that, you are to resolve issues and conflicts that arise within your own men on different campaigns which gives more challenge to the game.

Game-play upgrades and equipment

Part of the game is to accomplish goals using supplies and stronghold equipments that can be purchased under towns you control. Stronghold Crusader download comes with this and you have to upgrade your level to control more town. You will be amazed at the different locations that are included in the setting and each of these towns comes with unique equipment and items. You are to choose characters, some of which have rich historical backgrounds you can find at the back story of the game.

System Requirements

Before you play Stronghold Crusader, make sure you follow the minimum system requirements of the game:

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/Windows7/Windows8
  • CPU: 1.5MHz Intel Pentium 4 or later.
  • RAM: 128 MB
  • Hard Disk Space: 850 MB

Download Now!

While the game has its ups and down, you never could know how good it is until you download it with our Stronghold Crusader download to your PC. The strategy game’s interesting features such unique characters and campaign trails may leave you playing the game until the end of the story. Due to its basic visual graphic and repetitive tendencies, you might end up wanting for more. Just be sure to click the download link below to get the full version of the game.






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